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December, 2014
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Changes at Thurston County Superior Court

(More) Changes at Thurston County Superior Court

County Benefits from “JBLM Day of Service”

It’s official!

Health Systems Doing a Good Job of Tracking Illnesses

Families Welcome New Members

Perfection is Reality for County Waste Water Treatment Plant

Less Leftovers, More Joy

The Klondike Kings and the telegraph to nowhere

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 Waste reduction resources are a mouse click away.

What to do with unwanted items.

“I bet this doesn’t have to go in the trash, but what should I do with it?” We’ve all been there. We know an item has the potential to be reused or recycled, but we just aren’t sure how to make that happen. The Thurston County Solid Waste Department has the resources you need.

First off, we have a completely updated website. Not only is it beautiful and full of valuable information, it is now much easier to use. Just go to Thurston County Solid Waste.

If you have a question that you just can’t find the answer to, have some ideas or suggestions, or want to discuss a waste reduction topic, we’d love to hear from you. Information on staff and what programs we manage, can be found on the Staff Contact Page.

We have compiled a large database of every reuse and recycling opportunity we are aware of. Packing peanuts, tennis shoes, refrigerators, Styrofoam, holiday lights, etc – we’ve got you covered at Where do I take My

And, of course, reuse is always a better environmental option than recycling. Check out 2good2toss to list items you no longer need for free or up to $200. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! The website is a great place to shop too. Craigslist is another busy site as well, with no price limit.

In the next few months, we will also be launching a Facebook page to keep everyone up to date on events and new opportunities. Residents can ask questions or post ideas as well. So keep an eye out for Thurston Solid Waste – we hope you “like” it.

By Terri Thomas

We can all do our part to protect the earth. We can all do our part to protect the earth.