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December, 2014
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 County Officials Attend Earthquake Preparedness Course.

More than six dozen take part in specialized training.

Imagine a shallow earthquake centered in Western Washington near Olympia. Now imagine significant damage including the collapse of several Interstate-5 bridges, loss of power for tens of thousands of area residents and other major impacts. That’s what dozens of officials from across Thurston County were asked to do during recent training in Maryland.

More than 70 people from county government and most of the cities and towns in the county traveled to the Emergency Management Institute for this specialized training. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) paid for the week-long session which ended in a very realistic emergency exercise testing our joint reaction to such an event.

In addition to government officials, many other agencies that would be involved in a major emergency or disaster were in attendance including personnel from the State Patrol, Thurston 9-1-1 Communications, State Department of General Administration, area school districts and colleges, local Fire Departments, the Red Cross and other organizations.

The training and disaster exercise was customized for Thurston County, and focused on earthquake response and recovery. Thurston County Commission Chair Karen Valenzuela attended the training and says it was a good opportunity for people who may not see each other very often to work together. “The training helped us to open up lines of communication between and among different government and emergency management agencies in the county. While we may not work together very often in day-to-day business, we need to cooperate as much as possible during a large scale emergency and this exercise will help with that process.”

The course featured educational sessions along with the exercise to test coordination, cooperation and communication. FEMA officials will use the training and exercise to analyze local emergency plans and to help clarify roles and responsibilities, develop better coordination and improve response/recovery capabilities. A report and recommendations will be delivered to the county after the training has been reviewed. More information to help you and your family to prepare for earthquakes can be found at FEMA Earthquakes. (In the second photo, back row- Olympia Mayor Pro-Tem Stephen Buxbaum, Lacey Mayor Tom Nelson, Steve Romines and Vivian Eason of Thurston County Emergency Management. With back to the camera- Thurston County Manager Don Krupp, Thurston County Commission Chair Karen Valenzuela.)

By John Tennis

Sheriff's Lt. John Price (cap) during the drill. Sheriff's Lt. John Price (cap) during the drill.

A briefing is held in the Policy Room. A briefing is held in the Policy Room.