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December, 2014
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 Treaty Tree Dedication.

Plaque placed before historic off-shoot on the county campus.

That statement tops a new plaque that was dedicated recently in front of a tree growing from a seedling of the last “Treaty Tree” at the Nisqually River Delta. The off-spring tree is growing on the bluff of the Thurston County Courthouse campus. Representatives of local treaty tribes joined Thurston County Commissioners for the ceremony. The writing on the plaque demonstrates the historic significance of the tree.

The treaty of Medicine Creek was signed December 26, 1854 by representatives of the United States Government and the leaders of the Nisqually, Puyallup and Squaxin Island Indian Tribes.

The treaty established the future formal relationship between the U. S. and the Indian Nations. The Treaty Tree was located in the Nisqually delta where the 1854 treaty was signed.

The treaty tree was lost in the winter of 2007, but several seedlings were propagated, including this offspring. These living trees stand testimony to the ongoing responsibilities agreed to among the signatories.

The Thurston County Historic Commission was instrumental in working with the Tribes and Thurston County in arranging for the plaque and the dedication ceremony. If you would like more information on the tree and the treaty, please visit this page on Wikipedia.

In the first photo left to right, Donna Kelley Donohue (Historic Commission), Ed Swan (Historic Commission), Shandee Fowler (Historic Commission), Dale Croes (Historic Commission), David Seymour (Tribal Representative), Jeremiah George (Tribal Representative), Karen Valenzuela (County Commissioner), Greg Lehman (Tribal Representative), Jaimie Cruz (Tribal Representative), Sandra Romero (County Commissioner), Cathy Wolfe (County Commissioner), Dave Shipley (Historic Commission)

By John Tennis

The group at the recent dedication. The group at the recent dedication.

The informational plaque. The informational plaque.