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December, 2014
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 Sheriff’s Quarterly Honors.

Seven given special recognition.

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office recently recognized employees for service beyond what is expected and also for longevity in the office. Honors included a lifesaving award and a distinguished service award.


On March 19, 2011 while on routine patrol, Sgt. Raymond Brady was traveling Northbound on I-5 and heard a Washington State Patrol Trooper ask for assistance with an unconscious person at Highway 101 and Black Lake Boulevard. When Sgt. Brady arrived he observed a man on the ground behind a vehicle as the trooper rendered assistance.

Sgt. Brady did not detect any breathing or pulse on the victim. He requested Medic One response and advised that CPR was underway. Sgt. Brady began delivering chest compressions while the trooper assisted.

After a few minutes of CPR, the victim began to take a few breaths, and the officers continued to help until Fire Department personnel arrived and took over. The medics provided treatment until the gentleman regained a steady heartbeat and he was taken to the hospital.

Because of this teamwork and specifically the actions of Sergeant Raymond Brady and the State Patrol Trooper, a life was saved.

For his specific life-saving actions taken while engaged in law enforcement duty, Sgt. Raymond Brady was given the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Lifesaving Award.


On March 13, 2011, Lt. Ware was working patrol in the area of Nisqually Pines, when he noticed a garage engulfed in flames. Lt. Ware immediately notified 9-1-1 Dispatch of the fire and then tried to see if anyone was inside the attached home. He located two people inside the residence who were completely unaware of the fire. In the home were an 89-year-old, wheelchair-bound male and his son. Because wheelchair access to the home was blocked by flames, Lt. Ware and the elderly man’s son carried him out through an alternate doorway. He then re-entered the residence and recovered the elderly man’s wheelchair.

In the successful effort to rescue two individuals from a burning building, Lt. Ware placed himself in harm’s way that could have resulted in serious injury or death. Had he not chosen to take these actions, the home’s occupants could very well have been overcome by smoke inhalation and flames. For his diligence, Deputy Ware was recognized with the Distinguished Service Award.


Several Sheriff’s employees were also recognized for their length of service to the office.

  • 30 Years of Service – Sgt. James F. Dunn
  • 25 Years of Service – Sgt. Cheryl Stines
  • 20 Years of Service-Lt. Gordon Phillips, Deputy Mark Holden,Corrections Technician Kenneth Rhoades

Thanks to all those recognized for their service in the Sheriff’s Office and the good work they do for the community.

In the photo, left to right: Lt. Mike Ware, Sgt. Jim Dunn, Lt. Gordon Phillips, Sgt. Ray Brady, Corrections Technician Ken Rhoades, Trooper Justin Eisfeldt, and Sheriff John Snaza.

By John Tennis

Honors for law enforcement officials. Honors for law enforcement officials.