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September, 2014
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 County Employees Help with Little Red School House Drive.

Thousands donated to worthy cause.

The Little Red School House drive is put on by volunteers each year to help outfit local low income students for the return to school. This year as many as 3,000 kids were expected to receive assistance and county employees again helped to make the project a success. Backpacks, school supplies and other items were donated by workers in county offices and departments and the donations were collected and delivered by the Thurston County Auditor’s Office.

Cash was also raised through the annual “Pie in the Face” contest in which each dollar is a vote for some county official to get one in the kisser. This year kudos go to Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza who gave up his face for the cause. He received 110 votes with Central Services Director Mark Neary coming in a close second with 104.

The employees of Thurston County wound up donating more than $3,000 in cash, 41 backpacks and 250 school supply kits this year! The folks in District Court lead the drive with more than $500 in cash donations as well as supplies.

Since the year 2000, county employees have given more than $14,000, over 300 backpacks and 1,781 school supply kits (paper, pencil, glue, scissors, ruler, crayons and markers) to the Little Red School House drive. In addition, lots of underwear, calculators and other clothing and supplies have been donated.

The Little Red School House drive is just one of many charitable efforts that county workers take part in each year.

By John Tennis

Sheriff Snaza gladly takes a pie to the face. Sheriff Snaza gladly takes a pie to the face.

District Court employees helped lead the drive. District Court employees helped lead the drive.