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December, 2014
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 Learning About Car Prowls the Hard Way.

One county employee shares her story.

“I recently had the opportunity to meet a fellow Thurston County employee in a most unexpected way.” So says Christine Canavan of Thurston County Public Health and Social Services. In fact, if things had gone the right way, the introduction might never have taken place. You see, in early August, Christine’s purse, Global Positioning Satellite unit and camera were stolen from her car. She says the fallout from the car prowl was significant. “I canceled all my credit cards, got a new driver's license, and had given up on ever hearing anything more about it.”

At the end of October, Thurston County Sheriff’s Detective Frank Frawley contacted Christine because he had located a suspect through photos taken at locations where her credit cards had been used. He also had some assistance from the Lacey Police Department. “He tracked down the person and unbelievably, my purse and its contents were still in the suspect's car after two-and-a-half months! I was able to get back my personal photos and other items, which was a big relief. I was so impressed by Detective Frawley's determination and professionalism.”

Frawley says Christine’s case was a crime of opportunity. “The suspect had been prowling vehicles in the Lacey area and her home is close to the area targeted by this suspect. He admitted to prowling vehicles which were left unsecured. That was his M. O. - he was after GPS units, purses, CDs, things that can be easily sold or pawned. Of course change in an ashtray or center console or cigarettes were always a bonus.”

“I reminded Christine it is important to lock her vehicle at all times. It is even more important to lock it at night in front of her residence if she has a garage door opener.” Frawley says you should never leave a purse or other valuables in the vehicle, especially in plain view. “Unfortunately there are prowlers who would not think twice about breaking a window to steal a purse left in sight. On a side note, we had a rash of vehicle prowls in the Yelm area where the suspect(s) were after GPS units mounted on the dash or windshield. They would do whatever it took to get into the vehicle.”

Frawley says to think in terms of what a car prowler might be looking for. “I always tell everyone to take a moment and look inside their vehicle from the outside. Items you have lying around inside the vehicle may be the reason someone breaks in.” He says Christine's case was unique because the suspect basically fell into his lap. He says he was surprised the alleged thief still had her purse and confessed to prowling her vehicle.

For her part, Christine says she learned an important lesson about securing her vehicle. She also has some thanks for Detective Frawley. “We are fortunate to have such a dedicated law enforcement group like we do here at Thurston County.”

For more information on crime prevention, please visit the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Web Site.

By John Tennis

Try not to make your vehicle tempting to thieves. Try not to make your vehicle tempting to thieves.