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March, 2017
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  Sheriff Holds Recognition Ceremonies

New staff sworn in

Thurston County Sheriff John Snaza held ceremonies recently to honor special efforts by certain employees, to recognize years of service and to swear in some new employees.

Life Saving Commendation

Deputies Ryan Hoover, Randy Hovda, and Brian Brennan were honored for their role in saving a local woman’s life. They were given a Certificate of Commendation for assisting a woman who had attempted suicide.

On August 30, 2016 deputies were called to check on the mother-in-law of an Olympia Police Officer. He believed she was suicidal and intended on overdosing. The deputies obtained information about possible locations for the woman, including a GPS ping of her cell phone, and began searching. Eventually they located the woman in a storage unit she had recently rented. They found her inside, unconscious, but with slow and shallow breathing. Medics were called, and the deputies assisted her until they arrived. Medics advised had the officers not located her when they did and turned her on her side, she would likely would not have survived.

Deputies Hoover, Hovda, and Brennan never gave up looking for the woman and without their relentless efforts she would likely have overdosed.

Employees of the Year

Also recognized at the ceremonies was Lieutenant Tim Rudloff as the 2016 Thurston County Deputy Sheriff’s Association Deputy of the Year. This is an award nominated and voted on by his peers.

Tim was hired on November 1, 1999 after serving at a small agency in Nebraska where he was the Deputy Chief. He has worked his way up the ranks of the Sheriff's Office and was promoted to Lieutenant on March 15, 2016 and assigned as the Support Services Lieutenant.

Since his promotion he has successfully led eight homicide investigations, all resulting in arrests. Lieutenant Rudloff is looked up to by everyone that he works with and supervises. Congratulations to Lieutenant Tim Rudloff on this well-deserved award and recognition as the Deputy of the Year.

Legal Assistant Kaye Snyder was recognized as the Thurston County Deputy Sheriffs Association Civil Employee of the Year. This is an award nominated and voted on by her co-workers.

Kaye was hired on December 1, 2000 and is currently assigned to the Field Operations Bureau where she provides invaluable support to all the Command Staff and Deputies. Kaye is hard working and really shows that she cares for her fellow employees. She is always there to help and goes the extra mile even when it's not expected. Sheriff’s officials said they are very happy to honor Kaye Snyder with this well-deserved award and recognition as the Civil Employee of the Year.

Years of Service

Sergeant Roland Weiss received his 35 years of service award. Roland was hired on January 1, 1980 as a deputy assigned to the Corrections Bureau. After attending the Academy, where he graduated 1st in his class, he was assigned to Patrol. Roland has served in many different roles in the Sheriff’s Office over the years including Patrol, the Services Bureau, Crime Prevention, Emphasis Patrol, Special Weapons and Tactics, Explorer Advisor, Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor and more.

Jill Zimbelman received her 25 Years of Service Award. Jill was hired as a Technical Specialist II on October 14, 1991. The position later classified as Legal Assistant. Jill spent most of her career in the Civil Division, processing paperwork for civil processes including sales, writs of restitution such as evictions, subpoenas, and protection orders. A consummate team player, Jill has at some point or another supported all the positions in the front office including gun permits, warrants, and assisting the public at the front desk. She received a Certificate of Commendation in 2013. She is by far the most knowledgeable person in the Civil Division and can always be depended on to make sure all the timelines are met and the heavy workload is completed.

Lieutenant Stephanie Klein was recognized for 30 years of service. Stephanie was hired as a Corrections Deputy on September 1, 1986. She received a “Life Saving Commendation” in March of 1990 for her actions in preventing an inmate from committing suicide. Stephanie was selected as the “Employee of the Month” on five separate occasions. In 2002 Stephanie was selected for the special duty assignment of Inmate Services Sergeant. As such her duties included overseeing the inmate grievance and disciplinary processes, inmate classification and other specialized duties. Stephanie was promoted to Lieutenant on July 1, 2007. Stephanie’s expertise in all areas of the Corrections Bureau is well known. She is often called upon by peers and co-workers for assistance. She is the “expert” in the area of Booking and has written much of the related policies and procedures. She has provided a great service to the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office during her thirty years of service.

Sergeant Ken Clark was recognized for 25 years of service. Ken was hired on October 4, 1991. He served as a field training officer before transferring to the Detective Division on September 1, 2000 where he specialized in domestic violence investigations. Among other honors, Ken received a Certificate of Commendation in May 2008 for his actions as part of the Dive Team in response to the floods in Rochester and rescuing 46 people. In 2014 he was assigned to the position of Administrative Sergeant in the Office of the Sheriff where he reports to the Undersheriff, serves as the Office of Professional Standards Supervisor, and handles special projects. During his career he has served on the Dive Team and Hostage Negotiation Team.

New employees take the oath of office

New Deputies John Covais, Derek Sanders, Chris Elia, Michael Shipley and Evan Cofer were administered the oath of office by Sheriff Snaza.

Also sworn in were several Corrections Deputies. Welcomed to the Sheriff’s Office were Chris Terese, Scott Williams, Erin Heffernan, and Marcelo Cuellar. Corrections Technician Ben O’Leary was also welcomed.

In the first photo- Sheriff Snaza and Deputies Randy Hovda, Ryan Hoover, and Brian Brennan

By John Tennis

Life Saving awards are handed out. Life Saving awards are handed out.

Tim Rudloff receives honors. Tim Rudloff receives honors.

Kay Snyder is recognized by Sheriff Snaza. Kay Snyder is recognized by Sheriff Snaza.