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December, 2010
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Flood Bulletin Online:

Yelm Highway Project Update.

County Approves Expansion of Tilley Road Facility.

Don’t Become an Auto Theft Victim.

Packed Courtroom for Adoption Day Ceremonies.

Thurston County’s Off-Leash Dog Area is Open!

Waste reduction resources are a mouse click away.

Olympia's Mothball Fleet.

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 Flood Bulletin Online:

Protect Your Pets!

This year’s edition of the Thurston County Flood Bulletin can be found online at the Emergency Management web site. The 16-page booklet is full of information on flood insurance, evacuation do’s and don’ts, flood prevention for the home, important emergency contact information, and other preparedness tips including the following article.

Protect Your Pets, Plan Ahead

Almost three out of 10 people who refused to evacuate during Hurricane Katrina did so because they were unwilling to leave pets behind. A 2004 survey revealed that nearly half of the respondents did not have an evacuation plan for pets, while 67% said they’d refuse to leave their animals behind or go to an evacuation shelter that didn’t accept pets (from Here are some actions you can take now to avoid heartbreak and danger to yourself and your pets during a disaster.
  • Get your pets car-ready. Get them used to travel before an emergency.
  • Find out where you can board your pet if you have to leave home. Typically pets aren’t allowed in emergency shelters.
  • Gather supplies in a “pet to-go” kit. Include dish, food, water, a pet carrier, leash and a favorite toy.
  • Double check ID and vet records. Update if necessary and keep papers in your disaster kit.

For more information on how to prepare for the safety of your pets visit : this page on the State Emergency Management Division web site, or call Vivian Eason at (360) 786-5243.

By Keith Eisner

Flooding can come on quickly, so have a plan! Flooding can come on quickly, so have a plan!