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June, 2009
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Welcome to Thurston County Connection!

County Still Working on Financial Issues.

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Sex Offender Tracking Available On-line.

Do Your Part to Reduce the Waste Stream.

This Spring, Put Nature to Work for You.

Oh, for a time machine and $3,500!

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 Welcome to Thurston County Connection!

This is Thurston County’s electronic newsletter.

Hello, and welcome to the very first issue of the electronic version of Thurston County Connection. This is the web-based version of a citizen newsletter that we used to do many years ago. Of course that newsletter was a printed version and it was mailed to every household in the county. This new version saves all the natural resources that went into the paper and ink version and also saves the county the ever-increasing cost of publishing and postage.

As you likely know, Thurston County, like local governments across the state and nation, is suffering in this global recession. And that means two things-
1. We need to increase our dialog with you about any number of issues including spending priorities.
2. We need to save money wherever we can.

We think this electronic version of Thurston County Connection fits the bill on both issues. It is a good way to let you know what we’re up to, what programs and services you might take advantage of and how we are spending your hard earned tax dollars. In addition, it is a very cost-effective method of providing that information.

While you are here, we also encourage you to look around the county’s web site. Many of the interactions that you might have with county staff can be done on the internet and you can find out much more about the work we all do for Thurston County residents.

As always, should you need to get hold of us, you can do so easily from the county’s web site. When you are done reading this newsletter (or now), simply visit the Board of Thurston County Commissioners web pages. There, you can learn more about us, find the schedule of our public meetings and get the contact information for phone calls and e-mails to us.

We think you will find this newsletter a great source of information on all the activities of county government. It will be published quarterly and you can “opt in” if you would like to receive an e-mail notification of new issues. In the meantime, we hope you will enjoy this new version of Thurston County Connection.

Your Thurston County Commissioners- Cathy Wolfe, District One Sandra Romero, District Two Karen Valenzuela, District Three

By John Tennis

Commissioners Romero, Wolfe and Valenzuela. Commissioners Romero, Wolfe and Valenzuela.