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June, 2011
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Summer Means Water Activities and Safety Concerns.

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 Summer Means Water Activities and Safety Concerns.

Sheriff’s Office tips to make your activities more enjoyable.

With the warm, sunny days on the way, it is again time to remember some water safety tips. On a boat, there must be one wearable life jacket for each person on the boat. These life jackets must be in good condition and fit the wearer properly. On boats under 19', kids 12 and under must wear their life jacket at all times that the boat is underway. This rule applies to all boats, no matter the size, type, or what body of water they are on (rivers included).

A good practice is to have young children who have not demonstrated proficient swimming skills wear a life jacket at all times they're in or around the water. It only takes a moment for someone to slip under the surface of the water, and typically there are no calls for help or splashing to attract attention.

Early in the season can also be a dangerous time on local rivers. The water is especially cold which can sap your strength in a matter of minutes. In addition, water levels are usually higher and the river may have changed quite a bit since last summer, with fallen trees in the water and other hazards. Please be extra careful whether you are rafting, boating, fishing or swimming. It’s always a good idea to tell someone where you will be and when you plan to return home.

Remember, all boating accidents must be reported to the Sheriff's Office, so if this happens to you, remember to dial 911, regardless of the severity. For more safety tips for summer, please visit the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office Web Site.

By Lt. Greg Elwin

Be careful around the water this season. Be careful around the water this season.