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September, 2014
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 Back-to-School Safety 101:

Kids and Parents

It’s that time of year again, where all of the students large and small get ready for their return to school. For some, it is the first bus ride or time in class without mom and dad around. For others, they are getting ready for their final year and whatever college or job lies beyond. From pre-school to high school, kids of all ages will be out and about. Here are a few things to think about for parents and children alike.

Bus riding and walking children

  • Map out with your children a safe way for them to walk to school or to the bus stop. Avoid busy roads and intersections.
  • Teach children to follow traffic signals and rules when walking or biking.
  • Encourage children to walk to school or the bus stop with a sibling or friend, and to wait at bus stops with other children.
  • Help children memorize their phone number and full address, including area code and zip code.
  • Have your children arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is scheduled to pick them up.
  • Make sure children know to stand on the sidewalk or on the grass while waiting for the bus.
  • Teach children to make sure they can see the bus driver and the bus driver can see them before crossing in front of the bus. Tell them to never walk behind the bus.

Driving children

If you are driving you children to school, here are a couple of safety reminders.

Remember: don’t talk or text and drive. This is #1!
Don’t speed or overload your car and obey all traffic laws.
Be extra cautious around school zones and in congested areas. 20 mph!


  • Leave plenty of time in the morning to get you and the kids ready for school
  • Remember…20 mph in school zones. Look for flashing lights or “when children present” signs
  • You are the example.

Each school year brings a fresh start and new beginning for kids and grownups alike. The beginning of school represents new opportunities and new challenges. Let’s all go into this school year with high energy and high hopes and all do our part to have a successful, exciting and safe school year!

By Greg Elwin

Take extra caution in school zones! Take extra caution in school zones!