Delinquent Accounts Placed Into Collections Status


General Information

Thurston County District Court accounts receivable (criminal, civil and infraction case types) that have become delinquent and have had no payment activity prior to expiration of a 30 day collection notice, are assigned to GRIMM Collections, for collection purposes.

Once so assigned to GRIMM, it is the policy of the Court that any and all further payment activity is made through GRIMM only; the Court will no longer accept payment on any such accounts.

To assist those whose accounts have been placed into collections, GRIMM offers several types of payment options, including promissory or payment plans for those persons who have suspended driverís licenses and need to have their case FTA cleared so that the suspension on their driverís license can be lifted.

Contact Information for GRIMM is as follows:

Phone Numbers: 360-754-6333 and 1-800-584-8908

The closest location to the courthouse is:
2415 Evergreen Park Drive SW C-4
Olympia, WA 98502

Tumwater location is:
1677 S 2nd Ave SW
Tumwater, WA 98512

If you have questions regarding the Courtís collections policies, your account or case status, or GRIMM, Inc., please contact us at (360) 786-5450 or via email at