Drop Box


For your convenience, Thurston County has installed a drop box.

Please use the envelope provided at the drop box for all of the following District Court transactions:

  • Deposit of NON-CASH payments for criminal, infraction and parking fines
    Please follow these guidelines:
    • Do NOT deposit cash
    • Deposit ONLY personal checks, money orders and/or certified cashier or bank checks
    • Please make sure your NAME and CASE NUMBER are written on your check or money order
    • If you are paying on a NEWLY ISSUED Infraction or Parking Ticket, please complete and sign the GREEN COPY and include it with your deposit
  • Requests for Contested or Mitigation Hearings
    Please follow these guidelines:
    • Complete and sign the back of the GREEN COPY of your citation
    • Please make certain to select the box for either a MITIGATION or CONTESTED hearing
    • You may hold a MITIGATION hearing by e-mail instead of appearing in person. Please CLICK this line to find out how
  • Requests for Deferral of Infractions
    Please follow these guidelines: