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Q:  How many hours is the CERT course?

     A:  CERT is a 20-hour course.

Q:  How much does the training cost?

     A:  The training is provided free of cost.

Q:  How many people do you need to host a training?

      A:  The preferred class size is between 15 - 30 people.

Q:  Who should attend CERT training?

     A:  Organizations, families, friends, neighbors and communities.

Q:  What does CERT training give me?

      A:  Public education, training, volunteer opportunities and family safety.

Q:  When are classes held?

      A:  Training dates and times may be arranged to meet your group's needs.

Q:  Where are classes held?

      A:  Classes are held in your area and may be arranged to meet your group's needs.