Local Court Rules

Family and Juvenile Court

    LCR 53.2 Court Commissioners
    LSPR 94.00 Family and Juvenile Court Proceedings
    LSPR 94.01 Concurrent Jurisdiction Over Family and Juvenile Court Actions
    LSPR 94.02 Management of Concurrent Cases
    LSPR 94.03A Case Assignment
    LSPR 94.03B Motion Practice
    LSPR 94.03C Ex Parte Requests
    LSPR 94.03D Settlement And Pretrial Conf
    LSPR 94.03E Trials
    LSPR 94.04 Finalizing Family Law Actions
    LSPR 94.05 Mandatory Mediation for Child Custody and Visitation Issues
    LSPR 94.06 Parenting Seminars
    LSPR 94.07 Appointment of Guardians Ad Litem
    LSPR 94.08 Judicial Officer Training
    LSPR 94.10 Responses to Dependency or Termination Petition
    LSPR 94.11 Orientation in Family Law Matters
    LSPR 94.12 Collaborative Law Process
    LSPR 94.14 Motions For Reconsideration And Revision
    LSPR 98.16W Estates, Guardianship, Settlement Of Claims Of Minors And Incapacitated Persons

Juvenile Court

    LJuCR 12 Waiver Of Age To Marry And Petitions For Emancipation
    LJuCR 3.6 Answer To Petition
    LJuCR 4 Settlement And Pretrial Conferences For Dependency And Termination Cases
    LJuCR 4.2 Pleadings

Guardians Ad Litem

    LGALR 10 Continuing Requirements For Title 26 And Title 11 RCW Guardians Ad Litem
    LGALR 11 Evaluation Of Title 26 Guardian Ad Litem Work
    LGALR 12 Title 11 Guardian Ad Litem Reports
    LGALR 5 Guardian Ad Litem Appointment Procedures
    LGALR 5.1 Guardian Ad Litem Review Hearing Title 26
    LGALR 7 Guardian Ad Litem Grievance And Complaint Procedures
    LGALR 8 Guardian Ad Litem Registries
    LGALR 9 Title 26 Guardian Ad Litem Requirements

Estates - Probate - Guardianships

    LSPR 98.04 Estate, Probate And Guardianship Hearings
    LSPR 98.05 Guardianship Orders and Reports
    LSPR 98.16W Estates, Guardianship, Settlement of Claims of Minors and Incapacitated Persons

Calendar Appendix

    Appendix Of Calendar Information

Forms Appendix

    Case Information Cover Sheet
    Case Schedule Order (Re Termination)
    Case Schedule Order [Re Family Law]
    Declaration of Persons in Household.pdg
    Guardianship Summary for Annual Report
    Information for Persons Involved in Custody Action
    MED Mandatory Parenting Plan Mediation Program
    MED Mediation Session Report
    MED Notice of Appointment of Mediator
    MED Order Transfer to Family Court Services for Mediation
    MED Stipulation to Use of Family Court Mediator
    MED Stipulation to Use of Private Mediator
    Order Authorizing Release Records to GAL
    Request and Response to Schedule Settlement Conference or Trial
    Settlement Conference Statement
    Supplemental GAL Order and Order Authorizing Release of Records