Dissolution of Marriage

All papers filed with the Court are required to be on Mandatory Forms.

A person who is a resident of Washington, or is a member of the armed services stationed in Washington, or who is married to a person who is a resident of Washington may petition a Washington court to dissolve their marriage. The Petition is generally filed in the county where both parties resided during the marriage and where at least one party still lives. The spouse must be “served” with the summons and petition For Dissolution or sign a “joinder.”

The marriage may be dissolved after 90 days have elapsed from the time of filing and service or joinder. If the parties do not agree, the court process will take longer. The court may issue temporary orders after the Petition is filed.

Parties with children in common are required to:

  •  Attend an Orientation within two weeks after the dissolution is filed or served and

  • Attend a Parenting Seminar within 45 days after the dissolution is filed or served.

If the parties disagree about the Parenting Plan, they are required to:

Domestic Partnerships involving children may be dissolved in the same way as marriages. Simplified procedures exist for some domestic partnerships without children.

A Courthouse Facilitator is available at the Courthouse to provide some assistance to parties representing themselves.