Health Data
Community Health Indicators  
  Indicators highlight local public health issues that contribute to leading a longer, healthier life or the reverse premature death and disability.  The Health Department monitors these indicators in order to target public health programs that improve community health and evaluate the results of current local efforts.

Indicator Material

Currently a set of 30 community health indicators describing Thurston County residents are available.  Indicators cross-cut a range of health topics including: health behaviors, access to health services, mental health, substance abuse, environmental health, chronic conditions and social factors that influence health. Detailed information about each indicator will be added as it becomes available.  Current topics are:


The current list of community health indicators were identified based on the following criteria. 
  • Address behaviors or conditions that are modifiable.
  • Evidence-based policies or programs currently exist to address the topic.
  • Connect to current Health Department work.
  • Address common local data requests.
  • Local county-level data is available (at limited cost).

Hot topics
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