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The Healthy Homes Program offers free, voluntary, confidential visits to residents and child care centers in Thurston County. Trained volunteers work with you to identify areas of concern and share ways to reduce exposure to toxins, asthma triggers, mold, lead, and other housing-related health risks. At the end of the visit, the volunteers will help you determine what your highest priorities are for taking actions to create a healthier space. Many of the suggested actions are low or no cost. The goal of the program is to help people maintain healthier homes.

To request a Healthy Homes Visit call 360-867-2674; (TTY/TDD 711 OR 1-800-833-6388).

Become a Healthy Homes Volunteer

To become a volunteer, there are 16 hours of hands-on training offered each year. We look for diverse individuals who are committed to actively participating in the training session and who will volunteer in their communities. We want people who will enjoy working together to improve their own and others’ health.

You do not need to have any expertise in environmental health or prior experience to become a volunteer. You will learn essentials of a healthy living space such as moisture control, indoor air quality, ventilation, and more.

In the training you will:

  • Learn important information about environments and health.
  • Gain skills in recognizing key parts of the home that affect health.
  • Improve communication abilities to help others.
  • Participate in engaging field trips.
  • Practice what you learn at home and with others.

What volunteers do:

  • Complete 16-hour Volunteer Training
  • Conduct Healthy Homes Visits in pairs with other volunteers.
  • Staff booths at community events.
  • Assist with community outreach.

Healthy Homes Volunteer Job Description

2018 Healthy Homes Training

Volunteer Application

For more information contact: 360-867-2674; (TDD/TTY 711 OR 1-800-833-6388); HealthyHomes@co.thurston.wa.us

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