Environmental Health
Surface Water (Lakes, Rivers & Streams)
  Surface Water (Lakes, Rivers & Streams)  

The surface water program, also known as Resource Protection, includes elements to protect and maintain the quality of the natural environment. Specific activities include:

Henderson Watershed Protection Area (HWPA) Septic System Operation & Maintenance Program

  • Background why the program was implemented
  • Basics who is included, what is required, and other information about program
  • Operational Certificate what it is and what is needed to renew it
  • FAQs answers to the most frequently asked questions about the program
  • Inspection Certification one day workshop for Henderson homeowners to become certified to inspect their septic systems
  • Financial Assistance low-interest loans and grants to help HWPA and other County homeowners maintain existing systems and repair failing ones

Nisqually Reach Septic System Operation & Maintenance Program

The purpose of the program is to assure that on-site sewage systems are properly operated and maintained to protect the health of county residents and to preserve the water quality of Nisqually Reach watershed. ...more

Surface Water Protection

Surface Water Protection activities include sanitary surveys on marine and freshwater shorelines, purchasing property to be used to construct community drain fields where on-site repairs are not possible, monitoring, data analysis, and education. ...more

Swimming in Thurston County

There are several waterfront parks and swimming holes in Thurston County. To find out where they are located, what amenities they offer, and potential risks, see Swimming in Thurston County or click on a link below.

Water Quality Monitoring

Water quality monitoring includes data analysis and regular monitoring of specific lakes, rivers, and streams in Thurston County.

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