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Last Name First Name Program Assignment Work Number Email
Abplanalp John Disease Control and Prevention 360-867-2698 Email
Cooprider Sandy Maternal Child Health 360-867-2523 Email
Dixon Jennifer Emergency Preparedness 360-867-2609 Email
Furtwangler Lisa Maternal Child Health 360-867-2548 Email
Judkins Patrick Syringe Exchange 360-867-2510 Email
Katt Erika Emergency Preparedness 360-867-2522 Email
Knight Jeanie Director 360-867-2535 Email
Longmire Amy Maternal Child Health 360-867-2542 Email
Martine Apple Maternal Child Health 360-867-2534 Email
McWilliams Lori Syringe Exchange 360-867-2565 Email
Montoya Lori Maternal Child Health 360-867-2546 Email
Nakasone Sonia (Fumie) Maternal Child Health 360-867-2549 Email
Nguyen Phuong Investigation & Control of Disease 360-867-2538 Email
Peterson Bonnie Maternal Child Health 360-867-2543 Email
Poyner Sue Emergency Preparedness 360-867-2551 Email
Remy Marianne Immunization Program 360-867-2524 Email
Sherman Cathy Maternal Child Health 360-867-2540 Email
Sund Lindsey Maternal Child Health 360-867-2546 Email
Thaller Gretchen Maternal Child Health 360-867-2545 Email
Ward Deb Investigation & Control of Disease 360-867-2533 Email
Zimmerman Matthew Emergency Preparedness 360-867-2522 Email

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