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Most working adults spend half or more of their waking hours on the job. So this is an opportune place to promote the healthy behaviors that prevent disease.  Studies also show that a person’s productivity, absenteeism, and decision-making at work are related to that employee’s health status. There are simple, uncomplicated things that an employer can do to help foster a work environment that supports employees making healthier choices.

For resources on workforce health promotion program planning, physical activity, or healthy eating, Click Here...

Healthy Workplace Designation Program

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The Thurston County Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with Thurston County Public Health & Social Services, offers a program to recognize local employers who make a commitment to address workforce health issues. Employers who actively promote changes to their work environment or culture can apply for the WorkWell Healthy Workplace Designation.

For more information visit, the Thurston County Chamber website.

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