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Party Intervention Patrol Project

Thurston County's Party Intervention Patrol Program (PIP) is funded by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, in support of their high level strategic plan, Target Zero. The key goals for Thurston County's Party Intervention Program include:target zro

  • Reducing the number of vehicular fatalities and serious injuries of young drivers ages 16-20 in Thurston County.

  • Reducing the number of businesses in Thurston County that sell alcohol to minors.

  • Reducing underage alcohol use.

Download the Party Intervention Patrol Project One Pager [PDF] for additional information.

Alcohol/Drug Information School: Click here for a list of providers in Thurston County.

Why PIP?

A message from our Director:

Carpe Diem! Once again, we are excited to work with law enforcement to 'seize the moment' in the lives of some of our best and brightest kids to 'turn toward the light' of addiction free futures. Whether it's Prom Night, a fight with a boy or girl friend, Homecoming, a college rejection letter, a 4.0 GPA, or a bad day on the sports field, for a budding addict, everything is a reason to get high. And sooner or later, alcohol, pot, meth, heroin - anything handy - will do. Let's raise our hopes instead that the free ride our Sheriff will provide to help at the Health Department will be the 'teachable moment' some kids use to put their feet, and eventually their hearts, on the road to real hope.

~Don Sloma, MPH, Director (former)
Thurston County Public Health & Social Services

A message from your Sheriff:

"It is important to remember alcohol is illegal and unhealthy for our youth. The use of alcohol by youth sets the stage for serious health, social, and economic problems, including criminal behavior. The actions of one underaged kid consuming alcohol can have a horrific affect on family, friends, and a community. These choices can be tragic or even everlasting with long-term, chronic problems. By being proactive, we have an opportunity to educate our youth on the consequences of partying and one's use of alcohol. We must find ways to curtail alcohol consumption by our youth in hopes to prevent a tragedy or a change in their behavior. Parties are a common way youth consume alcohol, and tend to become problematic for law enforcement because of the large gatherings and the volume of alcohol being consumed. These parties can increase the hazardous risk-taking, binge drinking, alcohol poisoning, and the potential of sexual assault. Our effort to be proactive verses reactive can help deter or prevent some youth from being involved or getting hurt. We may not ever know about the one that made the right choice by not going to a party because of our aggressive education campaign, but sadly we always hear about the few that didn't listen or consider the consequences."

~Sheriff John Snaza

Some facts from the Healthy Youth Survey:

  • 1 out of 10 county 12th graders drove after drinking alcohol during the past month.

  • 1 out of 5 county 10th graders rode with a driver who had been drinking alcohol during the past month.

  • 1 out of 4 county 12th graders who drank during the past month got the alcohol at a party.

  • 1 out of 4 county 12th graders are heavy or problem alcohol drinkers. 

  • 2 out of 3 county 12th graders think alcohol is easy to get. 

PIP Party Patrol Enforcement

Officers participating in these patrols have underage drinking as their top priority, and do not make other service calls during their PIP shift.  When an underage drinking party is found, PIP officers determine who has been drinking and who provided the alcohol.  Youth who are drinking are transported to the Public Health Department for processing, where they will have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Chemical Dependency Professional (CDP). 

PIP Compliance Checks

Alcohol compliance checks are a prevention strategy that deters retailers from selling these products to kids under 21. Studies have shown that enforcing alcohol laws substantially lowers the likelihood of stores selling alcohol to minors. Responsible alcohol sales are only effective when vendors do not sell to persons under 21. One method to reducing youth alcohol use is by eliminating their ability to purchase alcohol in stores within Thurston County. The PIP program includes county-wide Alcohol Vendor Compliance Checks, using officers from the Olympia, Lacey, and Tumwater Police Departments, as well as the Thurston County Sheriff's Office.


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Past Thurston County PIP Action

Homeowner arrested over underage drinking at Halloween party

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