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  Chemical Dependency Prevention  

Prevention services are designed to delay or reduce the use of alcohol and other drug abuse in youth who have not yet begun to use and abuse or who are experimenting.  The goal is to reduce the negative consequences of alcohol and drug abuse in society and thus reduce the need for future treatment services. The following agencies provide prevention programs in Thurston and Mason County.

Mason County Public Health
  PO Box 1666
Shelton, WA
Phone:   360.427.9670 ext. 260    
  418 Carpenter Road SE, Suite 203
Lacey WA
Phone:   360.493.2230    


The Division of Behavioral Health and Recovery developed a Community Prevention Wellness Initiative (CPWI).  This resulted in a collaboration of the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, and the counties in the Washington State.  The focus of moving to a community-focused approach, with the expertise and commitment of the partners, will help communities leverage resources and focus and concentrate efforts.  This will help Washington’s prevention field build on what works, have a deeper impact, better measure those impacts, and build support for additional investments in prevention.

Rainier and Tenino are the Thurston County communities that were chosen to participate in the CPWI.  If you live in one of those communities, check here to follow up with what your community is doing!



Shelton is the Mason County community that was chosen to participate in the CPWI. 

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Program Assistant
Tina Gehrig: 360.867.2509

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