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About Us

Information about the chemical dependency program. ...more

Adult Outpatient Treatment

Individuals with alcohol or drug addiction can get help from many agencies. ...more

Crisis Services Information / Referral

24-hour information and referral phone line. ...more


Care and treatment of individuals incapacitated by drugs or acute intoxication. ...more

Intensive Case Management

Assistance in accessing referrals, screening, and other resources. ...more

Involuntary Commitment (ITA)

Help for individuals disabled by alcohol or drugs. ...more

Marijuana Use Prevention

Information about Marijuana Use, Prevention, and Initiative 502. ...more

Opiate Substitution Treatment (Methadone)

Outpatient methadone treatment and rehabilitative services. ...more

Party Intervention Patrol

Program that works with Target Zero to reduce underage drinking. ...more

Pregnant / Parenting Women's Services

Eligible women may receive childcare, outpatient treatment, and transitional housing. ...more

Prevention Services

Reduce the negative consequences of alcohol and drug abuse in children. ...more


Treatment is effective and people can and do recover ...more

Strategic Plan

Needs and issues affecting substance abuse treatment. ...more

Syringe (Needle) Exchange

Information about the Thurston County Syringe Exchange Program. ...more

Youth Outpatient Treatment

Young individuals with alcohol or drug addiction can get help from many agencies. ...more




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