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the community investment partnership (cip)  

The Thurston County Regional Health and Human Services Council and the United Way of Thurston County have created the Community Investment Partnership (CIP).  The CIP members agree to work together and join resources to address common needs in meeting basic health and human service needs in the Thurston County Region.

Major principles in this partnership include:

  • Pooling and coordinating health and human services resources can be more effective in meeting basic needs; and

  • There is a benefit to developing common approaches, common strategies and common performance measures; and

  • Effectiveness increases with use of Research Based and Promising Practices.

Combined resources will be released in a single Request for Proposals asking the community to respond with programming that reaches the Thurston Thrives goals. 

Request for Proposals (RFP)

The Thurston County Community Investment Partnership (CIP) is soliciting project proposals for funding from the HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME), Consolidated Homeless Grant (CHG), Affordable Housing Grant (SHB 2060), and Homeless Housing Grant (SHB 2163), Veterans Assistance Fund (VAF), Community Investment Partnership (CIP), and Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG). This request for proposal also includes City of Lacey Community Development Block Grant program applications. - Closed:  Due date was on Friday, April 7, 2017 at 12PM

For more RFP information, and/or to apply, visit:  Funding Announcements


Community Investment Partnership 
To Be Announced
Thurston County Courthouse
Room 280
2000 Lakeridge Dr. SW; Olympia

Please note:  all documents are in pdf format unless noted (*)

**Thurston Thrives Action Team Strategy Maps**
Information for Community Investment Partnership (CIP) Applicants

To be directed to Thurston Thrives Action Team Strategy Map, click on the action team link below. The link will direct you to the individual Thurston Thrives Action Team page. Scroll to the "Strategy Map" section:

> Child and Youth Resilience > Economy
> Clinical Care & Emergency Care > Environment
> Community Design > Food
> Community Resilience > Housing
> Education    

CIP Funding Awards

View the CIP 2015 Funding Awards

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)


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Gary Aden
Program Manager


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