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The Thurston Mason RSN is now the Thurston Mason Behavioral Health  Organization (TMBHO).  

What Is the TMRSN  Mental Health Advisory Board?

Regional Support Networks (RSN’s) are required to have community advisory structures in compliance with state law (RCW and WAC).  The Thurston Mason RSN Mental Health Advisory Board is a citizen Advisory Board, including professionals, consumers, and family members, to the Thurston County Commissioners on mental health issues pertinent to Thurston and Mason counties.

What are member responsibilities?

The Thurston Mason RSN Advisory Board‘s role is to advise the Thurston County Commissioners, through RSN staff, on matters relating to mental health needs in Thurston and Mason counties.  The Advisory Board has statutory responsibilities for planning, monitoring, and making recommendations on the funding, planning, and service aspects of the program.  Each Advisory Board member is expected to represent all citizens of the two counties in their recommendations and advice.

As the contracting body for Thurston Mason RSN, the Thurston County Commissioners have administrative responsibilities for contracted services.  The Thurston Mason RSN implements these administrative responsibilities.

New Member Handbook [PDF]

When does it meet?

The Thurston Mason RSN Mental Health Advisory Board generally meets every other month at 5:30 PM. Meetings last approximately 1.5 hours.  All meetings are open to the public unless otherwise stated. Click on a date below to see the agenda, including place and time.

Advisory Board Meeting/Agendas Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

The Mission of the TMRSN Mental Health Advisory Board

“To advocate for consumer/client-driven services (prevention, intervention, and treatment) designed to obtain and maintain functionality for all residents of Thurston and Mason counties.”

Services shall:
“Promote a sense of well being within the natural environment of the consumer/client offering services that maximize consumer/client choice and individualized tailored care, except as a safety issue defined by RCW 71.05.”

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Advisory Board or attending a meeting, please contact Customer Service at (360) 867-2602 for more information. You can also download an application [PDF] and mail it into the RSN. 

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