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What is the Health Care Passport?

The Health Care Passport is a complete one-stop document that contains all of the information a person would need during a mental crisis or medical emergency. This document is the size of a real passport and is designed to allow a person to carry it with them at all times. The Health Care Passport was presented by Thurston Mason BHO and the Thurston Mason BHO Consumer Council at the 2010 Behavioral Health Conference. The Passport was also recognized by the External Quality Review as a best practice in their August 2010 Newsletter [PDF].   

What's included in the document?

  • Contact Information

  • Insurance Number

  • Living Will Registry Number

  • Emergency Contact

  • Treatment Providers

  • Crisis Medical Questions

  • Medications

  • Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Use

  • Crisis Information

  • Advance Directive

  • And More

Passport Documents

Mental Health Passport Instructions [PDF]

Mental Health Passport Documents [PDF]


If you would like assistance with creating and assembling your Mental Health Care Passport, you can contact the Thurston Mason Mental Health Ombuds.


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