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The Thurston Mason RSN is now the Thurston Mason Behavioral Health  Organization (TMBHO).  

About Us

Who is the Behavioral Health Organization (BHO), see About Us.

Advance Directive

Inform others of your wishes for treatment if you are incapacitated, see Advance Directive.

Advisory Board

Information about the TMBHO Mental Health Advisory Board, see Advisory Board.

Client Rights

What are your rights, see Client Rights.

Complaints and Grievances

To file a complaint or grievance, see Complaints and Grievances.

Crisis Information

Assistance in accessing crisis information and resources, see Crisis Information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to frequently asked questions, see FAQs.

Health Care Passport

Information and downloads for a Health Care Passport.


Links to other agencies and information, see Links.


Link to meterials and resources for the LOCUS/CALOCUS, see LOCUS.


Assistance with complaints, grievances, advance directives and more, see Ombuds.

Outpatient Programs

Programs available through Thurston Mason BHO, see Outpatient Programs.

Professional Information

Laws, regulations, trainings, and other BHO contact information, see Professional Information.

Provider Network

Thurston-Mason BHO contracted service providers, see Provider Network.


Brochures, handbooks, and downloads, see Publications.

Quality Review Team

Quality improvement, see Quality Review Team.

Request for Proposals

Request for Proposals, see RFPs.

Stigma Reduction

Stigma Reduction, see Stigma Reduction.

Thurston Mason BHO Forms

Forms for use by Network Providers, see Forms.




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