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  • The Thurston County Board of Health with the Thurston Thrives Advisory Council will meet on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014, at 3:30PM at the Thurston County Courthouse, Building 1, Room 152.  The Environmental Health Action Team will present its recommendation at the meeting.
  • The Thurston Thrives Food Action Team, led by Robert Coit of the Thurston County Food Bank, presented its preliminary recommendations on June 11, 2013. The full packet of information is available on the meetings page. New blogs for Education and Child & Youth Resilience have been started to allow the community to comment on the proposed strategies of these action teams.

    The Economy Action Team led by Michael Cade presented its recommendations at the August meeting, and the Community Design Action Team was next with a presentation in September. The Housing Action Team led by Board of Health Chair Karen Valenzuela was the final action team to present in 2013. The full packets of information from each of these presentations are available on the meetings page. Links to blogs, where you can join the discussion of each of the action teams who have presented their strategies, can be found at the action teams' pages.

What is Thurston Thrives?

The Thurston County Board of Health is joining with community leaders from business, education, city government, neighborhoods, local charities, social and medical care groups to honor what we do for our families' health, to celebrate our collective efforts, and find ways to do even better together. They call it Thurston Thrives!

Thurston Thrives is a project aimed at bringing together community partners of Thurston County around the work we share. One of the main focuses of the project is to ensure that our county is thriving through the collaboration on the public health and social services that we bring to our community, to honor those who make Thurston County a healthy and safe place to live, and to align efforts to make an even bigger difference in the health of our community. The purpose is to engage our leaders across the board to move forward an action agenda we can all believe in to improve health for all Thurston County residents.


When it comes to health, our community is recognizing the many ways we can promote it in our daily lives. We can build health into how we live, learn, work and play.

How can you participate?

Improving health is not a mystery, really. It takes effort not just from doctors, and not just from government. It takes action by all parts of the community. Some of this we commonly associate with health: Medical care, social services and the environment. But it is also things we do not always think about as health: Education, jobs and housing.

We will be reaching out across our community to achieve these connections and to align efforts behind common goals. We want to build on what is already going on. What is new in Thurston Thrives is keeping better in touch with each other's progress, and supporting each other's work.

Everyone has a part to play in the health of our community - we hope you will join us to engage this strategic approach. Because a healthy community is something we all believe in.

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    APRIL 2014

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    To read the Proclamation signed by Our County Commissioners

action team strategy maps

    To be directed to Thurston Thrives Action Team Strategy Maps, click on the action team link below.  The link will direct you to the individual Thurston Thrives Action Team page. Scroll to the "Strategy Map" section and select "Strategy Map - For CIP Applications [PDF]":

  • Child and Youth Resilience

  • Community Design

  • Education

  • Economy

  • Food

  • Housing

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