Tips and Suggestions on How to Use This Web Site
I know Which Elected Office or Department I Need.    department and offices image

The providing of information and services by Thurston County Government is organized around its Departments and Elected Offices. If one knows which Department or Elected Office is responsible for providing the needed information or service, then the fastest way of determining if such information or service is available on-line is to go directly to the specific Web site. On the County's home page you will find links to every Department and Elected Office Web site.
I Don't know Which Department or Office I need.

If you don't know where to begin to find the information or service that you are seeking, then there additional ways of finding Web site information: the Search feature and the Find It look-up feature.
I Need to Ask a Question, But I don't Know to Whom to Send My Question.   ask a question image

If you have a question for Thurston County Government, and you don't know where to direct the question or inquiry, you can use the Ask a Question link found in the "Quick Links" section of the County's home page. Your question will be sent to the Webmaster who will either answer your question or send it onto someone who can answer it.
I Have Experienced a Problem Using This Web Site and Would Like to Report the Problem.

If you would like to report a Web site problem, please click here. You can send a description of the problem that you encountered to the Webmaster who will either respond to your comment or send it onto someone who can respond to it. Please be specific in your problem description, providing specific URLs of problem pages.
I Want to Follow the County on Facebook and/or Twitter.    Facebook, Twitter, etc image

Thurston County has a Twitter and Facebook presence, and currently feeds those sites with items pertaining to News Releases and Events of Interest. If you wish to follow Thurston County on Twitter and Facebook, you can access these sites by clicking on the appropriate image (see example above) found in the top menu section section of this and other pages.