2017 Employee Benefits Information

Open Enrollment, Nov 1 - Nov 30
Open Enrollment Announcement
HR Help Clinics
Summary of Plan Changes
Open Enrollment FAQs
Employee Online Services
Dental, Life, and Vision
Dental, Life, & Vision Plan Enrollment Guide
Delta Dental of WA Benefits
Delta Dental of WA Website
Willamette Dental Benefits
Willamette Dental Website
Vision Service Plan Benefits
Vision Service Plan Website
Plan Certificates of Coverage
United HealthCare Global Travel Assistance
Other Links
Dept.of Retirement System (DRS)
2016 Information & Forms


Medical Plans
Who Should I Call?
Non-Union Employee Rates
Employee Rates by Union Affiliation
Plan Certificates of Coverage
Medical Plan - Summary of Benefits & Coverage
Find a Medical Provider
Health Plans with Health Savings Accounts
Glossary of Medical Coverage Terms
Medical Plan Comparison
PEBB Website
Additional Benefits
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
Deferred Compensation FAQs
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  bullet image  Mass Mutual Website
  bullet image  ICMA Change Form
  bullet image  ICMA Website
  bullet image  Nationwide Change Form
  bullet image  Nationwide Website


PEBB Open Enrollment (Medical)
PEBB Surcharge Help Sheet
PEBB Surcharge Attestation
PEBB Spousal Plan Calculator
PEBB Declaration of Tax Status
PEBB Dependent Verification List
WCIF Enrollment (Dental,Life,Vision)
WCIF Declaration of Partnership
WCIF Termination of Partnership
FSA Enrollment
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   bullet image  Mass Mutual Def Comp
   bullet image  ICMA Def Comp
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