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Civil Service Titles

Classification Titles (Non-Civil Service)



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Accountant 618u 15
Accounting Analyst 618u 13
Accounting Assistant I 618u 05
Accounting Assistant II 618u 07
Accounting Assistant III 618u 09
Accounting Assistant IV 618u 11
Administrative Assistant I 618t
Administrative Assistant II 618u
Administrative Services Manager mtp -
Administrative Supervisor nonu 11
Adult Probation Clerk distct 10
Adult Probation Counselor II nonu 15
Advanced Practice Clinician 618u 17
Advanced Life Support (ALS) Manager mtp -
Appraiser/Analyst 618u 13
Appraiser Assistant 618u 06
Appraiser, Commercial Property 618u 13
Appraiser - Lead, Senior 618u 12
Appraiser, Personal Property 618u 09
Appraiser, Senior 618u 11
Appraiser Supervisor 618u 15
Aquatic Resource Specialist mtp -
Assessor elect -
Assessor Division Manager mtp -
Auditor elect -
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Basic Life Support (BLS) Program Manager mtp -
Basic Life Support (BLS) Training Coordinator nonu 09
Biologist 618u 15
Budget and Fiscal Manager mtp -
Building & Grounds Maintenance Specialist 618u 08
Building & Grounds Maintenance Specialist, Lead 618u 09
Building Inspector II 618u 13
Building Inspector, Senior 618u 16
Business Applications Administrator mtp -
Business Applications Analyst 618u 16
Business Applications Technician I 618u 09
Business Applications Technician II 618u
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Calendar Coordinator distct 09
Capital Project Manager I mtp -
Capital Project Manager II mtp -
Capital Project Manager III mtp -
Central Stores Specialist tilley 09
Chief Accountant - Treasury mtp -
Chief Appraiser mtp -
Chief Civil Deputy smp -
Chief Civil Deputy Prosecuting Attorney mtp -
Chief Criminal Deputy smp -
Chief Deputy Assessor mtp -
Chief Deputy Auditor mtp -
Chief Deputy Clerk mtp -
Chief Deputy - Corrections smp -
Chief Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Assistant mtp -
Chief Examiner mtp -
Civil Court Clerk distct 08
Civil Engineer mtp -
Civil Engineer, Associate 618u 16
Civil Engineer, Senior mtp -
Clerk elect -
Clerk's Judicial Accounting Specialist 618u 09
Clerk's Judicial Collections Officer 618u 10
Clerk's Judicial Financial Manager mtp -
Clerk's Judicial Information Specialist 618u 06
Clerk's Judicial Proceedings Specialist 618u 08
Clerk's Judicial Records Specialist 618u 05
Clerk's Judicial Services Coordinator 618u 10
Clerk's Judicial Services Manager mtp -
Clerk's Judicial Support Specialist 618u 07
Commissioner District #1 elect -
Commissioner District #2 elect -
Commissioner District #3 elect -
Commissioner's Assistant mtp -
Community Health Nurse II 618u 15
Community Health Nurse Supervisor 618u 18
Community Program Manager mtp -
Community Service and Training Coordinator tilley 11
Community Supervision Assistant nonu 10
Compensation and Benefits Manager mtp -
Compliance Coordinator nonu 12
Compliance Unit Supervisor mtp -
Construction and Engineering Support Manager mtp -
Contracts/Purchasing Coordinator 618u 09
Coroner elect -
Corrections Crew Supervisor tilley 08
County Manager appnt -
County Manager, Assistant dirrpt -
County Road Engineer mtp -
County Road Engineer, Assistant mtp -
County Surveyor mtp -
Court Accounting Clerk distct
Court Accounting Supervisor nonu 13
Court Assistant I distct 06
Court Assistant II distct
Court Security Officer nonu 07
Court Security Supervisor nonu 09
Court Staff Attorney/Pro Tem Commissioner mtp -
Courtroom Coordinator distct 09
Custodian 618u 03
Custodian Supervisor 618u 09
Customer Service Manager mtp -
Customer Service Representative, Senior 618u 07
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Data Analyst 618u 12
Defense Attorney I dpanonu 01
Defense Attorney II dpanonu 01
Defense Attorney III dpanonu 01
Defense Attorney, Senior dpanonu 02
Deputy Coroner nonu 11
Deputy Director, Resource Stewardship mtp -
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney I dpa
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney II dpa
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney III dpa
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney, Senior dpa
Design Engineer, Assistant 618u 14
Development Review Manager mtp -
Director, Central Services dirrpt -
Director, Emergency Services dirrpt -
Director, Human Resources dirrpt -
Director, Office of Assigned Counsel dirrpt -
Director, Pretrial Services mtp -
Director, Planning dirrpt -
Director, Public Health and Social Services dirrpt -
Director, Public Works dirrpt -
Director, Resource Stewardship dirrpt -
District Court Administrator mtp -
District Court Commissioner appnt -
District Court Judicial Assistant nonu 10
Domestic Violence Liaison 618u 09
Drug Court Program Manager mtp -
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Education and Outreach Program Assistant 618u 09
Education and Outreach Specialist I 618u 12
Education and Outreach Specialist II 618u 14
Education and Outreach Specialist III 618u 16
Election Manager mtp -
Election Outreach Coordinator 618u 09
Election Specialist 618u 06
Election Supervisor 618u 13
Election Technician 618u 09
Emergency Management Coordinator mtp -
Emergency Management Manager mtp -
Engineering Project Manager mtp -
Engineering Services Manager mtp -
Engineering Technician 618u 10
Engineering Technician, Senior 618u 13
Environmental Coordinator 618u 13
Environmental Coordinator, Senior 618u 15
Environmental Health Program Manager mtp -
Environmental Health Specialist I 618u 11
Environmental Health Specialist II 618u 14
Environmental Health Specialist, Senior 618u 17
Environmental Health Technician 618u 08
Epidemiologist 618u 15
Epidemiologist, Senior 618u 19
Equipment Mechanic tilley 11
Executive Assistant nonu 10
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Facilities Services Manager mtp -
Facilities Services Supervisor 618u 14
Facilities Technician I 618u 08
Facilities Technician II/III 618u 10/12
Fair Manager mtp -
Family and Juvenile Court Supervisor nonu 12
Family Court Facilitator 618u
Family Court Investigator nonu 14
Family Court Program Coordinator nonu 16
Family Therapist nonu 15
Financial Analyst 618u
Financial Analyst, Senior mtp -
Financial Services Manager mtp -
Fire Code Specialist 618u 15
Fiscal Manager mtp -
Flagger/Laborer tilley 04
Fleet Analyst 618t 13
Fleet Services Manager mtp -
Fleet Operations Crew Chief tilley 13
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GIS Analyst I 618u 12
GIS Analyst II 618u 15it
GIS Analyst III mtp -
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Hazardous Waste Specialist I 618u 11
Hazardous Waste Specialist II 618u 14
Hazardous Waste Specialist III 618u 17
Health Officer mtp -
Human Resources Analyst mtp -
Human Resources Analyst, Senior mtp -
Human Resources Assistant nonu 08
Human Resources Specialist nonu 10
Hydrogeologist 618u 15
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Internal Auditor mtp -
Investment and Banking Officer mtp -
IT Consultant I 618u 14
IT Consultant II mtp -
IT Consultant III mtp -
IT Supervisor mtp -
IT Technical Manager mtp -
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Judge, District Court elect -
Judge, Superior Court elect -
Judicial Assistant - Superior Court nonu 10
Judicial Assistant - Superior Court, Senior nonu 12
Jury Administrator nonu 09
Juvenile Court Administrator mtp -
Juvenile Detention Manager mtp -
Juvenile Detention Officer juvdet 09
Juvenile Detention Supervisor nonu 13
Juvenile Probation Counselor I nonu 14
Juvenile Probation Counselor II nonu 16
Juvenile Probation Manager mtp -
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Labor Relations Negotiator mtp -
Laboratory Technician 618u 08
Law Clerk II mtp  
Legal Assistant I 618u 06
Legal Assistant II 618u
Legal Support Coordinator mtp -
Licensing and Recording Manager mtp -
Licensing and Recording Specialist II 618u 07
Licensing and Recording Specialist III 618u 09
Licensing and Recording Supervisor 618u 13
Licensing Specialist 618u 06
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Mail Services Technician 618u 04
Maintenance Technician tilley 09
Maintenance Technician, Assistant tilley 07
Maintenance Technician, Senior tilley 11
Master Gardener/Master Composter Program Manager mtp -
Mental Health and Veterans Court Care Coordinator nonu 12
Mental Health and Veterans Court Program Manager mtp -
Moderate Risk Waste Technician 618u 09
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Natural Resources Program Manager mtp -
Noxious Weed & Lakes District Program Manager mtp -
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Office Assistant I 618u 02
Office Assistant II 618t
Office Assistant, Senior 618t
Office Supervisor 618u 11
Official Court Reporter appnt -
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PAC Supervisor nonu 15
Paralegal I 618u
Paralegal II nonu 11
Parks Operations & Maintenance Manager mtp -
Payroll Specialist 618u 09
Permit Assistance Technician I 618u 06
Permit Assistance Technician II 618u 08
Permit Assistance Technician III 618u 09
Planner, Assistant 618u 12
Planner, Associate mtp -
Planner, Senior mtp -
Planning Manager mtp -
Planning Technician 618u 09
Plans Examiner 618u 14
Plans Examiner, Senior 618u 16
Pretrial Services Program Specialist I nonu 12
Pretrial Services Program Specialist II nonu 14
Program Manager mtp -
Property Control Analyst 618u 08
Property Control Analyst, Senior 618u 10
Property Control Analyst Lead, Senior 618u 11
Prosecuting Attorney elect -
Public Health Division Director mtp -
Public Health/Medical Social Worker 618u 13
Public Health Nutritionist 618u 13
Public Health Program Assistant I 618u 06
Public Health Program Assistant II 618u 08
Public Information Program Manager mtp -
Public Information Specialist mtp -
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Radio Technician 618u 13
Recording Specialist 618u 06
Records Management Supervisor 618u 13
Records/Imaging Technician 618u 05
Recreation Program Coordinator nonu 08
Recreation Supervisor mtp -
Resource Development Specialist mtp -
Revenue Officer 618u 10
Right of Way Agent 618u 14
Right of Way Agent, Senior mtp -
Risk Manager mtp -
Road Operations Manager mtp -
Road Operations Crew Chief tilley 13
Road Operations Supervisor mtp -
Roads Enforcement Officer tilley 13
RSN/Chemical Dependency Services Manager mtp -
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Safety and Operations Manager mtp -
Senior Management Analyst mtp -
Sheriff elect -
Sheriff's Executive Aide appnt -
Social Services Program Assistant nonu 10
Social Services Program Specialist I nonu 12
Social Services Program Specialist II nonu 15
Social Services Program Specialist III nonu 17
Solid Waste and Utilities Manager mtp -
Superior Court Administrator mtp -
Superior Court Commissioner appnt -
Superior Court Coordinator nonu 10
Sustainability and Economic Development Program Manager mtp -
Systems Manager mtp -
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Technical Service Manager capmtp -
Tollhouse Operator 618u 04
Tollhouse Operator, Lead 618u 06
Tollhouse Supervisor 618u 10
Traffic Engineering and Operations Manager mtp -
Traffic Specialist tilley 10
Traffic Specialist, Assistant tilley 07
Treasurer elect -
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Undersheriff smp -
Utilities Technician I 618u 09
Utilities Technician II 618u 12
Utilities Technician III 618u 15
Utility Planner mtp -
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Victim Advocate 618u 10
Victim Advocate, Senior 618u 11
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Waste and Recovery Center (WARC) Operations Manager mtp -
Water Resources Planning Coordinator mtp -
Water Resources Program Manager mtp -
Water Resources Specialist I 618u 12
Water Resources Specialist II 618u 14
Water Resources Specialist III 618u 16
Weed Technician 618u 06
Weed Technician, Lead 618u 08
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Civil Service Classification Titles


Captain capt -
Corrections Captain capt -
Corrections Deputy corr 01
Corrections Lieutenant corr 02
Corrections Sergeant corr 03
Corrections Staff Assistant admin 09
Corrections Technician corr 04
Crime Analyst admin 12
Deputy Sheriff deps 01
Financial Operations Assistant admin 08
Financial Operations Chief Deputy smp -
Financial Operations Supervisor admin 11
Legal Assistant - Operations Bureau admin 08
Legal Assistant - Services and Corrections Bureaus admin 08
Legal Assistant Supervisor admin 11
Lieutenant deps 02
Operations Sergeant deps 03
Sheriff's Office Systems Administrator mtp -
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