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Weather at the Thurston County Courthouse, via WeatherLink

South Sound Science Symposium Poster "La Nina Flow Distributions for Small Streams in Thurston County, Washington" Oct, 2012

Water Year 2014 Environmental Monitoring Report

JUST ADDED (April 2017) Water Years 2015 and 2016 Environmental Monitoing Report

hh measuring river flowThurston County operates monitoring stations across the county to keep a close watch on the condition of our water resources. The Environmental Monitoring Program collects data on streamflow, groundwater conditions in flood-prone areas, rainfall, and atmospheric data. Data is also collected to help the county and its residents prepare for floods and other natural disasters.

In this site you can find data the Thurston County collects about our unique environment. We post on this site (and the associated links) much of the data that we collect and process for people to download and view.  The data is collected from our environment - in the form of rainfall, wind, temperature and other atmospheric conditions. We also have on these sites groundwater data and streamflow data.  The images below are links to the various types of information and data that we collect, process and post here for all types of interested parties.  In addition to the links below, there are also links (left sidebar) to partner organizations and departments within Thurston County that post complementary types of data. 

Monitoring in Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater is performed in partnership with city stormwater programs. Thurston County and its cooperating agencies use the data to track water quality in streams and water bodies, plan for development, and monitor changes in watershed characteristics after development has occurred.

The Environmental Monitoring Program is part of the Water Resources Program in the Storm and Surface Water Utility.


red arrowLooking for current weather conditions? Click the "Current Conditions" link below.  This site contains information on warnings, alerts, or updates that may be important to citizens or other government agencies regarding potential flooding or other natural hazards.  This site also contains useful links to National Weather and Climate agencies that may be interesting to viewers.  It is generally updated once per month or when there is an active weather or flood pattern.



Popular Data Sites for Precipitation, Groundwater and Streamflow Data
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