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Tanglewilde Neighborhood Monitoring Data

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The Tanglewilde Stormwater Project is a $750,000 grant-funded project aimed at reducing the amount of fecal bacteria that enters Woodland Creek from the Tanglewilde community. The fecal bacteria is flushed into Woodland Creek from stormwater runoff that comes from roads, roofs, driveways, lawns and other impervious surfaces in the Tanglewilde neighborhood. The polluted runoff flows to a low point on Husky Way and is eventually piped to an outfall on Martin Way, which dumps the water directly into Woodland Creek.

This webpage provides monitoring information from the Tanglewilde neighborhood. For more information about the project in general, click here.

Tanglewilde Comprehensive Data Review to Ecology (May 2011)

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red arrow Click here to view geologic findings from the Husky Way area. (PDF)

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Stormwater Flow Data (Excel Format)

Outfall 1 - Martin Way nnear Woodland Creek (PDF)

Outfall 3 - Husky Way and Wildcat St SE (PDF)

Outfall 2 - Husky Way and School St SE REMOVED in 2012 (PDF)

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