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Black River - 128th Ave SW: Littlerock, Washington and Black River at 110th Ave SW

Black River at 128th St. SW - Littlerock - Calm Flows and flood flows

Black River in SpringBlack River in WinterBlack River Flooding at 128th Ave Br

Archive Flood Photos for 2007 and 2009 flood events on the Black River - Littlerock, Washington

2007 2009
128th Ave bridge # 1 128th Ave bridge # 5
128th Ave bridge # 2 128th Ave bridge # 6
128th Ave bridge # 3 128th Ave bridge # 7
Black River 123rd Ave SE # 4  

About this location:  This site is located on the south side of 128th Ave Bridge in LiIttlerock, Washington.  It has been active (intermittently) since 1989.  The site is located approximately 300 feet south of the confluence with Waddell Creek making this location a combined flow mixing zone.  Substantial flows occur at this location in winter and these flows are strongly influenced by the input from Waddell Creek.

Data is available from Thurston County.  Flow measurements are taken every 15 minutes.  They are correlated to stage height.  Manual measurements are taken every month on average.  Manual wading measurements are taken using a double beam sonic doppler wading system by staff. 

Black River - Wading Measurements (Measurements taken by hand held Doppler sensor)

Year Zipped Excel Data Charts in PDF Comments / Other
2008 -2011   In stream Flow Measurements Electronic measurements are available for this location (not currently published) .  Precipitation data is available for this location

Black River at 110th Ave SW

About this location:  The bridge at 110th Ave SW (approximately 10 miles north of Littlerock) is located in a broad wetland appendage south of Black Lake.  The flow of Black River at this location is nearly non detectable therefor the data presented is in Feet of Stage recorded every 15- minutes rather than traditional flow or cubic feet per second (ft/sec) data typical of stream measurements .  The level of the river varies widely and 110th Ave SW is routinely flooded by the increase in elevation of the Black River. See charts and photos below

Black River Daily Stage vs. local Rainfall (PDF Chart)

Black River Bridge at 110th Avs SW Bridge Plan with Elevations (NGVD '29)

Black River Yearly Stage Values (Water Year)           Black River Photos (minor flooding on 110th Ave SW)

2007 2011 Photo 1: Flooding in 2006
2008 2012 Photo 2: Flood stages at the bridge approaches


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