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Eaton Creek at Yelm Highway

N 46° 59' 06" W 122° 44' 06"

TC Designation 10a

Site History:  This site collects 15-minute data on the only year-round surface water flow into Lake St Clair. This data collection location measures flow coming from south of Yelm Highway sources.  This location has been in operation since 1992 and is currenlt operating.  There are historical records for this site (bothe stage and temperature) nad most of the records can be downloaded directly from the links below. This location has become increasingly important as a means to measure inflow into Lake St. Clair which cycles from high to low phases causing boating speed restrictions and some residental flooding.  Although this is the only visible year -round surface water contibbution to Lake St Clair , it is only a very tiny contibution to the overall water budget for this lake system.  The vast majority of contributing water is from multiple sources or artesian groundwater that  enters this lake from the south, east and west. 

Stream temperature data is also available from this web page below - for this stream it is generally included as part of the flow records in the same spreadsheet as stage.

Note: The Water Year and the Calendar Year are not the same. The Water Year (WY) begins on October 1st of the preceding Calendar Year. It is a hydrologic measure not a calendar measure.

 For example: Water Year 2012 begins in October 2011 and also includes November and December 2011 and would also include January through September of 2012.

Eaton Creek downstream of Yelm Highway
Looking upstream under Yelm Highway

Summary Flow Data (cubic feet per second) For Each Water Year on Record
WY 2008 (partial) WY 2012 WY 2016
WY 2009 WY 2013 WY 2017
WY 2010 WY 2014
WY 2011 WY 2015

Eaton Creek Data at the Yelm Highway Crossing - Stage Data and Wading Measurements

Water Year Manual Field Flows Water Year Manual Field Flows
WY 2008 Stage/temp (ft/C) - 2008 Field Flows
- Annual Flow Chart 2008
WY 2012 Stage/temp (ft/C) - 2012 field flows
- Annual flow Chart 2012
WY 2009 Stage/temp (ft/C) - 2009 field flows
- Annual Flow Chart   2009
WY 2013 Stage/temp (ft/C)
- 2013 field flows
- Annual flow chart 2013
WY 2010 Stage/temp (ft/C)
- 2010 field flows
- Annual Flow Chart 2010
WY 2014 Stage/temp (ft/C)
2014 field flows
WY 2011 Stage/temp (ft/C)

- 2011 field flows
- Annual flow Chart 2011
WY 2015 Stage/temp (ft/C)
2015 field flows
    WY 2016 Stage/temp (ft/c) 2016 field Flows
Eaton Creek/ McAllister Springs Historical Data Records
Historical Data 1992-2000
Eaton Creek Historical records
McAllister Springs Historical output 1979 -1993

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