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 North Outlet of Black Lake

 Black Ditch Streamflow Data -- Percival Creek and Capitol Lake

TC Designation 44a

N 47º 00' 36"  W 122º 57' 47"

Site History: This site was originally installed in 1988 to measure flows coming from Black Lake and contributing the majority volume of flow to the Percival Creek.  The site has been upgraded to provide stage and temperature data and has a continuous record since 2009 with some data available prior to 2009.  The rating curve associated with this location is provided below with the stage and temperature data (added in 2014 with earlier data available on request).  The data is provided in 15 minute intervals for higher precision flow models if necessary.  Gauging stations placed further down the reach have been vandalized repeatedly and they are no longer viable and have major data gaps.

Note: The Water Year and the Calendar Year are not the same. The Water Year (WY) begins on October 1st of the preceding Calendar Year. It is a hydrologic measure not a calendar measure.

 For example: Water Year 2012 begins in October 2011 and includes November and December 2011 and would also include January through September of 2012.



Black Ditch Stage/flow Data, at Black Lake outlet, Black Lake/ Belmore Rd SW

Water Year Field Flows for Rating Curves Water Year Comments
WY 2009 Stage(ft)
WY 2009 field flows (cfs) WY 2013 Stage (ft)
All files are 15 minute stage data in feet (zipped data files - Excel format).
Flow data is recorded in the field to generate the rating curve
WY 2010 Stage (ft) WY 2010 field flows (cfs) WY 2014 Stage (ft)
WY 2014 Temperature (c)
WY 2014 temperature data was added
WY 2011 Stage (ft) WY 2011 field flows (cfs) WY 2015 Stage (ft)
WY 2015 Temperature (c)

WY 2015 Temperature data was added

WY 2012 Stage (ft) WY 2012 field flows (cfs) WY 2016 Stage and Temp(ft) WY 2016 also includes temperature data
Related Data 2010 -2012 Black Lake elevation Data   Elevation of the lake at Black Ditch  

Black Ditch flow data, at Mottman Road

Year     comment
1988-1999 flow data    

This data is not certified and should be used for reference

Black Ditch temperature data at Jones Quarry Road Bridge

2003 - 2005 Jones Quarry    


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