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Green Cove Creek Streamflow Data

Green Cove CreekTC Designation 32b

N 47° 05' 32"  W 122° 57' 00"

Site History: Green Cove creek has been monitored since 1989 at the 36th Ave location.  The site is monitored for both flow and temperature. There have been some cases of vandalism at this site resulting in data gaps.  There is a dual culvert system and a stream baffle system This is a fish bearing stream (coho).

The data availble fotr this ite is below and can be downloaded from this site.

Note: The Water Year and the Calendar Year are not the same. The Water Year (WY) begins on October 1st of the preceding Calendar Year. It is a hydrologic measure not a calendar measure.

 For example: Water Year 2012 begins in October 2011 and also includes November and December 2011 and would also include January through September of 2012.

Green Cove Creek flow data at 36th Ave. N.W. 

Water Year Manual Field Flows Water Year Manual Field Flows
WY 2008 Stage (ft) 2008 field flows WY 2012 Stage (ft) 2012 field flows
WY 2009 Stage (ft) 2009 field flows WY 2013 Stage (ft) 2013 field flows
WY 2010 Stage (ft) 2010 field flows WY 2014 Stage (ft) 2014 field flows
WY 2011 Stage (ft) 2011 field flows WY 2015 Stage (ft) 2015 field flows
    WY 2016 Stage (ft) 2016 field flows
Green Cove Creek archive data (flow and temperature)
Flow Flow Temperature Other (Rating Curve historical)
1989- Jan 1999 flow 2003 flow 2000 - 2004 temp Historical Rating Curve Data
2000 flow 2004 flow
2001 flow 2005 flow    
2000 flow      
Green Cove Creek high flows  
normal flow below the fish ladder low flow  

Green Cove Creek at 36th Ave NW high and low flow conditions 

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