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Prairie Creek Streamflow Data - Grand Mound

N 46° 47' 48" W 123° 00' 43"

TC Designation 65a

Prairie CreekThe Prairie Creek Flow and Temperature recording station was installed March-early April 2010.  It records stream stage and temperature every 15 minutes. In addition, there are measurements made using a Sontek (dual beam ultrasonic Doppler) wading rod and recorder with velocity/flow volume software.  These measurements are correlated to the stage data from the datalogger to develop a stage-discharge equation-set from which flow volumes can be constructed.

The location of this station is in stream near the Old Highway 99 bridge in Grand Mound, Washington.  It will record base flow, storm flows, average flows and flows during bridge construction.

Water temperature data is also collected at this site.  The surface flow in this creek dries out for the summer months, generally between July and late October.

Note: The Water Year and the Calendar Year are not the same. The Water Year (WY) begins on October 1st of the preceding Calendar Year. It is a hydrologic measure not a calendar measure.

 For example: Water Year 2012 begins in October 2011 and includes November and December 2011 and would also include January through September of 2012.


Prairie Creek at Highway 99, Grand Mound

Water Year Field Flows Water Year Comments / Other
2010 Manual field flows 2014 The 99 bridge was replaced in 2010 causing some data gaps
2011 Manual field flows 2015 This is a seasonal stream ~Nov - July
Prairie Creek at Hwy 99Priarie Creek Grand Mound  
Priarie Creek in Grand Mound  during a high water event in 2012. The streamflow station located in the small bend in the creek near the center of the photos.  

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