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Scatter Creek Streamflow Data

TC Designation 55a

N 46° 48' 25"  W 123° 04' 20"

Site History: Scatter Creek at James Road has been in operation off and on since 1993.  The streamflow station is located at the James Road Bridge.  The location is within 2 miles of the confluence with the Chehalis River and Black River.  Chambers Creek floods occasionally and also ocassionally dries out in the late summer months.

red arrowFlood photos from January 2009:  Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3


Scatter Creek at James Road







Flow volume data is Provisional as the rating curves are being evaluated and updated, therefor flow volumes may change signifcantly based on the updated curves.  Use Stage data for absolute values.

Scatter Creek at James Road Stage Data and Manual Doppler Data

Water Year Manual Field Flows Water Year Manual Field Flows
WY 2009 Stage Excel (ft)
WY 2009 Stage
Provisional WY 2009 Flow
2009 field flows WY 2013 Stage Excel (ft)
WY 2013 Stage
Provisional WY 2013 Flow
2013 field flows
WY 2010 Stage Excel (ft)
WY 2010 Stage
Provisional WY 2010 Flow
2010 field flows WY 2014 Stage Excel (ft)
WY 2014 Stage
Provisional WY 2014 Flow
2014 field flows
WY 2011 Stage Excel (ft)
WY 2011 Stage
Provisional WY 2011 Flow
2011 field flows WY 2015 Stage Excel (ft)
WY 2015 Stage
Provisional WY 2015 Flow
2015 field flows
WY 2012 Stage Excel (ft)
WY 2012 Stage
Provisional WY 2012 Flow
2012 field flows WY 2016 Stage Excel (ft)
WY 2016 Stage
Provisional WY 2016 Flow
2016 field flows

DFW Data and Photos -  NEW

Photo 1 Photo 5 Data XLSX format 1993 - Jan 1999
Photo 2 Photo 6 Data 2  
Photo 3 Photo 7 Data 3  
Photo 4   Data 4  

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