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Groundwater Monitoring Data


The Stormwater Utility monitors groundwater elevation, temperature and quality in several unincorporated areas of the county. We use the information to plan for residents now and in the future.

Where we monitor

Salmon Creek Basin

Scatter Creek Basin

Also see Special Projects for past projects in Grand Mound, Hawks Ridge, Hidden Forest, The Meadows, Scott Lake, Thurston County ARC and Yelm/Thompson Creek.


Well locations map     |    Printable map  (PDF)

Connection between groundwater and stormwater

Groundwater is rainwater runoff (also called stormwater) that seeps through the ground into the aquifers we use for drinking water. Underground aquifers are nature’s water storage system.


Contact Us

E-mail: Mark Biever, L.P.G., L.E.G.- Thurston County Environmental Monitoring Program Supervisor, bieverm@co.thurston.wa.us.


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