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Scatter Creek Groundwater Monitoring Wells


In 2017, the County will drill eight water-quality monitoring wells in the Scatter Creek area from Rochester to Grand Mound near Tenino.


  • Monitor water availability in the valley.
  • Help predict and protect future water availability in this growth area.
  • Monitor water quality in the Scatter Creek drinking water aquifer.
  • Gather data about possible sources of contamination.

Commissioner approved

Frequently asked questions

When and why did Scatter Creek run dry?
Since before 1950, high summer pumping rates depleted flows.

What is the connection between stormwater and groundwater?
Groundwater is stormwater that seeps through the ground into the aquifers we use for drinking water.

Why monitor groundwater quality?
Soils are an excellent water filter, but thin gravel at Scatter Creek may not entirely filter some contamination. We test to be sure.


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