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All Thurston County Precipitation Monitoring Sites

Thurston County Reports all precipitation data in Water Years (WY).  This is the standard method used by meteorological institutions to summarize precipitation.  All units are U.S. standard measurements unless otherwise noted (temp may be in Celsius at some locations)

Click here for the official definition of water year.

Occasionally we will present data to correspond to Annual Totals for specific reasons.  This will be noted on the dataset.

This page summarizes information obtained and posted for all of the County precipitation sites and generally contains information to summarize, in graphic format, the precipitation that has been recorded over the years.  Each site contains much more data than is presented on these web pages such as: Barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, temperature, humidity, and can be used directly or indirectly to calculate ET.  The County maintains one site that also calculates meteorological data over several years on a running average.  ET and other data is available is directly available online from this site (T.C. Building 4 parking lot - West Olympia).  The data can be downloaded from the Percival Creek Basin web page.

Monthly Rainfall Totals for County Precipitation Network - Water Year Summaries
Year Charts in PDF Comments / Other
WY 2007 Data Table Oct 2006 - Sept 2007
WY 2008 Data Table Oct 2007 - Sept 2008
WY 2009 All Stations Comparison Chart 2009 .Oct 2008 - Sept 2009
WY 2010 All Stations Comparison Chart 2010 Oct 2009 - Sept 2010
WY 2011 All Stations Comparison Chart 2011 Oct 2010 - Sept 2011
WY 2012 All Stations Comparison Chart 2012 Oct 2011 - Sept 2012
WY 2013 All Stations Comparison Chart 2013 Oct 2012 - Sept 2013
WY 2014 All Stations Comparison Chart 2014 Oct 2013 - Sept 2014
WY 2015 All Stations Comparison Chart 2015 Oct 2014 - Sept 2015
WY 2016 All Stations Comparison Chart 2016 Oct 2015 - Sept 2016

WY 2017 All Stations Comparison Chart 2017 Oct 2016 - Sept 2017
   Countywide Comparisons of Average Rainfall with Individual Stations' Average Rainfall

The data charts below compare the average annual Thurston County Rainfall at the Olympia Regional Airport (52 inches per year), called the "Nominal Average",  with each individual Precipitation Station located throughout Thurston County.  The black dashed line indicates the average precipitation at the airport since 1955 with the yearly average at each site (red dashed line) as indicated in each chart's legend.  Most sites have a history of 5 to 7 years shown on each chart.
If the red line is below the black line, then the station receives less rain than the Olympia average.  Conversely, if the red line is above the Olympia average black line, then the site receives more than the Olympia average.  In general, sites west of Olympia receive more rain than Olympia whereas, sites east of Olympia receive less rain than the nominal average.
Countywide Comparisons of Average Rainfall with Individual Station Average
Boston Harbor Meridian Rd /Lake St Clair Percival Creek/ Thurston County Courthouse Sunrise Beach
Bucoda Grand Mound Kaiser Road/ Green Cove Creek NOAA/ Olympia Airport
Skookumchuck Reservoir Rochester Woodland Creek/ Lacey Yelm
Tenino T.C. Waste and Recovery Center Woodard Creek/ Olympia Composite of all gauges ave rainfall per month
Lake Lawrence Summit Lake Littlerock  
Major Rainfall Events _ 2001 - 2009
2001 (Nov) 2003 (Oct) 2007 (Dec) 2009 (Jan)
NOAA (Olympia) 12th Ave NE (Olympia) Multiple sites (Zip file) Multiple Sites (Excel)
  Summit Lake PDF (multiple sites) PDF (Multiple Sites)
  Kaiser Road NW (Olympia)    
WWHM Precipitation Data For Selected Thurston County Rainfall Sites
Boston Harbor Eaton Creek Summit Lake Woodland Creek
Thurston County Courthouse Grand Mound Tenino Yelm
Black River Lake Lawrence Green cove Woodard Creek

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For additional data, or, if there are errors on any monitoring page, please contact us and  we will make every attempt to review and correct errors that are brought to our attention.

A complete DVD of all Thurston County Precipitation Data is available upon email request to the contact below

Contact Us

For additional data, or, if there are errors on any monitoring page, please contact us and  we will make every attempt to review and correct errors that are brought to our attention.

E-mail: bieverm@co.thurston.wa.us.  Mark Biever, L.P.G., L.E.G. - Thurston County Environmental Monitoring Program Supervisor

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