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Rochester, Washington Precipitation Data

N 46° 50' 52" W 123° 02' 53"

RochesterSite History: This station was installed in 2009 to fill a gap in the Black River South area east of the Black Hills.  It records precipitation, wind speed and direction and barometric pressure in the southwestern portion of the Black River Basin.  Data is collected in 15-minute intervals.  Data is reported in daily totals on this site.

Note: The Water Year and the Calendar Year are not the same. The Water Year (WY) begins on October 1st of the preceding Calendar Year. It is a hydrologic measure not a calendar measure.

 For example: Water Year 2012 begins in October 2011 and also includes November and December 2011.


Rochester Precipitation Data, Thurston County Solid Water and Recycling Drop Box

Year Zipped Excel Data Charts in PDF Comments / Other
2009-2010 Available Upon Request See below for water year chart. Installed August 2009; Barometric, wind speed and direction, and temperature data available for this location at 15 minute intervals. Contact Thurston County at the e-mail address below to obtain detailed data sets.
Water Year Summary Tables
Year Zipped Excel Data Tables in PDF Comments / Other
WY 2010 Available Upon Request Daily Total Table Oct 1, 2009 - Sept 30, 2010
WY 2011 Available Upon Request Daily Total Table Oct 1, 2010 - Sept 30, 2011
WY 2012 Available Upon Request Daily Total Table Oct 1, 2011 - Sept 30, 2012
WY 2013 Available Upon Request Daily Total Table Oct 1, 2012 - Sept 30, 2013
WY 2014 Available Upon Request Daily Totals Table Oct 1, 2013 - Sept 30, 2014


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