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Special Groundwater Monitoring Projects

Woodsmuir_Donnelly Drive Groundwater Sites

Groundwater elevations are measured periodically at this series of four monitoring wells in the Woodsmuir_Donnelly Drive area located in the south part of the Lacey UGA, in Thurston County.  The wells were installed in late 2007 - early 2008 to identify groundwater depth and behavior below this location.  The data that Thurston County has collected to date is posted below with an accompanying map showing where each of the four wells is located in the community.

Map of Groundwater Well Locations for Woodsmuir_Donnelly Drive

Groundwater Elevation Data for the Woodsmuir Community SE Lacey
Groundwater Elevation and Depth Chart Comments
PDF Chart of Groundwater Elevations for Wells in  Woodsmuir
 and Donnelly Drive area
PDF data plot of GW
Elevations in the Woodsmuir Community 2008-2012

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