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Special Groundwater Monitoring Projects

Thurston County Accountability and Restitution Center, Tumwater Groundwater Monitoring Data

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ARC Board Of County Commissioners Briefing on Stormwater and Groundwater November 2016

Thurston County ARC Data Groundwater and Stormwater System Monitoring Data

PDF Charts of Electronic Groundwater Data (B-1 thru B-4)

B-1 East Parking lot near intake entrance B-4 South of Facility in access road  
B-2 North of Phase 2 yard    
B-3 West of Facility in Open field B-3A MANUAL ONLY  West of Facility in open field (backup well of B-3)  

PDF Charts of Electronic Stormwater Gallery Data (A2-2, C1-5, D1-6E, D1-6W)
A2-2 D1-6E
C1-5 D1-6W

ARC-1 (Well B-7) - South End of Ferguson Street S.W., Tumwater
Groundwater Elevation and Depth Data in Excel Groundwater Elevation and Depth Chart Comments
Excel Data File (Automated data)

Manually Collected Data File
PDF Chart - Automated Data
PDF Chart - Manual Data

This well was installed in 2004 to monitor groundwater conditions for construction planning of the proposed Thurston County Accountability and Restitution Center - Tumwater. Last updated 2-2008. This well is no longer active

Photographs of the ARC South Yard Catch Basin and Storm Chamber System April 2013
Installation of Flowdar Manifold Pipe North Storm Chamber
Calibration of Flowdar Manifold close up 1 ARC South Yard CB Access
Inlet to CB (11" x 13") Manifold close up 2
2014 report  
Outlet North to manifold
(Tee Removed)
Manifold Close up 3 Arc Site elevations

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