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Special Monitoring Projects

Special  Monitoring Projectsprecipitatoin

Occasionally, the Thurston County Monitoring Program works on projects that are driven by events (for example, flooding in a particular neighborhood). These projects typically take place for a limited period of time over the course of the project development, and subsequent evaluation of the post-construction effectiveness of the project.  They range from two to five years

The results from these projects may help a broader audience than the original study area and are therefor valuable for the public or other government agencies.  The results of some of these projects are published in the links below.


Rock Candy Mountain Landslide Incident Report (2009) Black Hills, Olympia Washington

Carlyon Beach Community - Hunter Point Road Landslide 1998 - 1999 Phase 1 and Phase 2 Reports

Link to DNR Landslide Hazards in Washington State (External link to Washington State Department of Natural Resources)

Thurston County Environmental Monitoring Program PowerPoint - A presentation of some of the things we do with the program

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