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2015104197 Tumwater Eastside Annexation

The City of Tumwater submitted a Notice of Intention for Annexation with the Thurston County Boundary Review Board to annex approximately 1,600 acres in the City of Tumwater Urban Growth Area to the City of Tumwater. The annexation area is generally bounded by the Oregon/Washington Railroad to the north, the Deschutes River to the east, Old Hwy 99 to the west, and Just below 88th Avenue to the south.

A notice of Intention for Annexation was received on May 27, 2015, and certified as complete on May 17, 2015.

The Board of County Commissioners invoked jurisdiction on July 9, 2015 and requested the Thurston County Boundary Review Board review the Tumwater Eastside Annexation Case No. 2015104197. The hearing on the matter before the Thurston County Boundary Review Board will be set at a future Boundary Review Board meeting. A notice of the meeting will be posted after it is set.

The Boundary Review Board will have a maximum of 120 days after review is requested to hold a public hearing, and render a decision.  If a request for review is withdrawn prior to a public hearing being set, then the matter is closed and there will be no Boundary Review Board review.

The Boundary Review Board may request additional information from parties who have requested review, and from other affected governmental units.  Requests for review will be evaluated by the Boundary Review Board to ensure compliance with state law prior to setting a public hearing.

No other requests for review were received by the Thurston County Boundary Review Board.


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