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2016102622 City of Olympia Hulbert, Hong, and Slater Annexation


The City of Olympia has submitted a Notice of Intention for the Hulbert, Hong, and Slater annexation.  The area to be annexed includes 8.5 acres located at 4920 Henderson Blvd. SE, 1611 Yelm Hwy SE, 1705 Yelm Hwy SE, and 1707 Yelm Hwy SE in the City of Olympia Urban Growth Area.  The property is generally located at the southeast corner of Yelm Highway SE and Henderson Boulevard SE.   

The Notice of Intention was filed on June 3, 2016. 

If you wish to request that the Boundary Review Board review and have a public hearing concerning this annexation, please do so in writing by July 18, 2016.  A fee of $200.00 payable to Thurston County must accompany the request for review by the Boundary Review Board (RCW 36.93.120).  Please reference the Notice of Intention and annexation name, “Olympia Hulbert, Hong, and Slater Annexation 2016102622” in your request for a public hearing.

A request for review of this annexation may be requested by the following:

1.            Any governmental unit affected, or the county files a request for review.

2.            A petition requesting review is filed and is signed by:

               a.  Five percent of the registered voters residing within the area which is being considered for the proposed action (as determined by the Board in its discretion subject to immediate writ of certiori to the Superior Court), or

               b.  An owner or owners of property consisting of five percent of the assessed valuation within such area.

3.            Three members of the Board concur with a request for review when a petition requesting review is filed by five percent of the registered voters who deem themselves affected by the action and reside within one-quarter mile of the proposed action but not within the jurisdiction proposing the action.


Please send the request for review to the Washington State Boundary Review Board for Thurston County care of the address below:


2016 Olympia Hulbert, Hong, Slater Annexation Notice of Intent

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