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2017100056 City of Lacey

Legal Description

The City of Lacey has submitted an annexation proposal located within the Lacey Urban Growth Area generally west of Marvin Road N.E., east of Legacy  N.E., and south of 44th Avenue N.E.

The Notice of Intent was determined to be complete and filed on January 9, 2017.

Click here for finished proposals.

20161041280  Merger of Fire District #12 and Fire District #16

Thurston County Fire District #12 and Thurston County Fire District #16 have submitted an application to merge into one Fire District. See Fire District area maps in the attached materials. These Fire Districts generally serve the Tenino and Bucoda areas.

The Notice of Intention was determined to be complete and filed on August  23th, 2016.

If you wish to request that the Boundary Review Board review and have a public hearing concerning this annexation, please do so in writing by October 10, 2016.  A fee of $200.00 payable to Thurston County must accompany the request for review by the Boundary Review Board (RCW 36.93.120).  Please reference the Notice of Intention and annexation name, “Merge of Fire District #12 and Fire District #16, Project 2016104128” in your request for a public hearing.


Notice of Intention

Merger Petition and Resolution

Certificate of Sufficiency


SEPA 2016

FD 12 Boundary

FD 16 Boundary

FD Maps


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