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Code Enforcement

Code Compliance Options

timeoutThurston County code enforcement officers work to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment for county residents.  The officers help to maintain and improve the quality of our community by administering a fair and unbiased enforcement program to correct violations of county codes and land-use requirements.

Issues Enforced by Thurston County

Land-Use, Building, and Junk Vehicles

Please call Thurston County's automated Compliance Line at 709-3083 to advise us of a code violation with regard to zoning, land use, building codes, hulk vehicles or abandoned vehicles on private property. Complaints are subject to public records request. Can your identity information be disclosed? Please indicate yes or no in your compliance request.

For more information about structures built prior to a permit click here.

For more information about junk vehicles, also visit our Junk Vehicle website.

Garbage, Trash, Noise, Septic Systems

Visit the Environmental Health Program's webpage to report a problem regarding garbage and illegal dumping, failing septic systems, improper storage of hazardous wastes (gasoline, motor oil), or noise. 

Illegal Dumping in Storm Drains

In Thurston County it is illegal to dump or spill anything but rain water, with certain limited exceptions, into a storm drainage facility. Common violations include the illegal dumping of motor oil and paint in storm drains. Visit the Water Resource Program's online reporting page or call (360) 867-2664.

Noxious Weeds

To report a noxious weed, call the Thurston County Noxious Weed Control Agency at (360)786-5576. For a list of noxious weeds, click here.

Issues Enforced by Other Jurisdictions

 Littering - 1-800-LITTER1 (1-866-548-8371)

The Washington State Department of Ecology has a litter hotline that allows people to phone in a license plate when they witness litter coming from a vehicle. The license number is cross-referenced with the registered owner of the vehicle, who will get a letter from the Washington State Patrol.  Call 1-866-548-8371.

Animal Control

Please click here for animal control information.

Smoke, Open Fire

The Olympic Region Clean Air Agency accepts complaints related to smoke, open fire, woodstoves and emissions in Thurston County. Click here to access a complaint form.

Contact Us

Please click here for contact information.


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