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On-Line Junk Vehicle Complaint Form

Please supply the following information

Your name:

Your phone number:

Your e-mail address (optional):

Street address where junk vehicle is located:

Is the vehicle located on property within unincorporated Thurston County (as opposed to within city limits)

Was the vehicle dumped on property that is owned by you?

Please describe the vehicle: (provide make and model of vehicle(s) and license plate number if known).

If we receive a public record request, what is your preference on having your identity disclosed?

Disclosure OK         Do not disclose

NOTE: Any request not to disclose information identifying a complainant applies only to a public records request. We may be legally required to release information that includes your identity in other situations, such as a a subpoena or law suit.

Contact Us

Questions? Call the Thurston County Hulk Vehicle Line at 709-3083 and leave a message to be called back, or route an e-mail message through mannsr@co.thurston.wa.us .


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